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Power Products

Diesel Generators (all types, all capacities)

Our AC Gensets are designed to meet the demands of telecom operators, such as: Low-noise levels, Easy maintenance, Low fuel consumption, durability/reliability, Remote monitoring & control, and Enhanced alarm reporting. We offer water cooled, oil cooled & integrated air cooled engines. Kohler, Perkins, Deutz, serviceser, Kubota are among the few brands that we currently use coupled to alternators such as Leroy Somer, Stamford, Marelli, Mecccalte, Linz, etc..

Batteries (all technologies, from 1.2 Ah to 2000 Ah)

We provide a wide variety of indoor and outdoor batteries mostly used for backup power, for telecommunications equipment. We can provide various technologies:
- Lead acid (Flooded, AGM, Gel) for standby or deep cycle applications
-Nickel Cadmium
-Nickel Metal Hydride
-Lithium Ion

Renewable Energy and Hybrid Solutions

The hybrid power solutions are ideal solutions to optimize the overall TCO. To optimize CAPEX and OPEX, we offer customized hybrid solutions that maintain an excellent balance between system design and cost. We offer a wide range of both Solar and Wind generator sizes and technologies, designed to power various loads with various geographic requirements.
- Solar systems includes:
- Solar arrays
- Power supply systems
- Batteries
- Obstruction lights
- Civil works
- Steel structures
- Passive cooling shelters and enclosures
- Engineering Services

DC Cabinets

GTC can provide a wide range of outdoor cabinets, enclosures, racks and sub racks, in addition to offering integration services for the telecommunication and electronics industry. Along with the outdoor cabinets, we provide telecom shelters, which have sturdy constructed doors and metal PUF sandwich panels for self-support. These telecommunication shelters both, prefabricated and portable, are mainly used to keep high value telecom equipment. The dust proof shelter can also be customized to meet our clients’ specifications.